Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ICT S02.1

1. Locate information from more than one source.
Write the number of sources referred.
2. Present the information in 5 to 10 slides.
Write the number of slides used.
3. Presentation includes:
a. Topic
b. Content
c. Conclusion
d. Sources of reference
Submit a soft copy or hard copy of the presentation.

Choose ONE of the following topics:
1. Copyright and Piracy from Moral and Legal Standpoints.
2. Lack of Security and its Effects on Industry/Economy/ Government.
3. Malaysian Cyber Law, Electronic Government Law.
4. Phishing
5. Virus (Trojan Horse, Salami Attack)
6. Hacking
7. Security Measures (Biometrics, Authentication)
Suggested presentation duration: 5 minutes


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