Sunday, October 18, 2009

PC Assembling

Before assembling a PC, you should know the important of safety in handling computer components.
1. Do not assemble or touch any components while the power is plugged in. There are possibilities of short circuit or someone else accidenrally switching the power on causing the user being electrocuted. These components are made of metal with sharp edges. You may cut your finger if you are not careful.
2. When handling computer components like motherboards, video cards, memory or even a hard drive, it is important to hold them by the edges. Our fingers would not come in contact with any conductors, thus decreasing the chance of causing any electro ststic discharge (ESD) damage.
3. Certain eletrical components namely capacitors can store electrical charge even after the power has been disconnected for a certain time.
After knowing the important of safety in handling computer components, you may now learn to recognise the main PC components.

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